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Hey there, my name is Andrew, I'm a designer and Illustrator based out of Dallas, TX. Here you will find a collection of design projects and illustrations. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a quote, or if you would like to discuss a project. I look forward to working with you.


Valley Creek Logo.png

Art Direction + Graphic Design

A collection of design elements during my time as lead designer at Valley Creek Church.

Publication Design

A mailable promotion for Open AI, an Elon Musk company founded to ensure the proper development of artificial intelligence.

Branding & Entrpreneur Concept

Blazing Glaze is a food truck concept that would serve all-natural, gluten-free, doughnuts in the Dallas metroplex.

Icon Design

A collection of logo designs for various branding projects.


A rebrand of Ralph H. Poteet High School in Mesquite, Texas.

UX / UI Design

This a redesign of Voodoo Music + Arts Festival's web presence with an emphasis on streamlining the user experience and interface.

Web Design + Packaging

A redesign of Feral Mountain's web presence, with the addition of mailable packaging.

Branding Campaign

A complete redesign of Jolly Pumpkin Brewery. From web presence, to bottle packaging.

Photographic Typology

A photographic series encompassing the natural beauty of the eye and all the expressions they emote.


A collection of custom drawn pet portraits.

Publication Design

A publication design that blends politics and animal rights.

Brand Campaign + Packaging

A brand redesign for Forcefield, a children's cloak company. With brand expansion and packaging.

Publication Design

Woof is a publication dedicated to matching dogs with the perfect owners. The illustrations are fun and the conversations are exciting and insightful.


An original concept. A site created to allow users to purchase tools to create horror movie posters.

Entrepreneur Concept

A streetwear line blending comfort and illustration.

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Blazing Glaze
Logo Collection
Poteet Rebrand
Feral Mountain
Jolly Pumpkin
Open AI
Wild Eyes
Pet Portraits
Citizen Canine
Fright Club
Valley Creek


If you're interested in hiring me please send me a message with a brief description of your project. Feel free to include details such as budget, intended deadline, and any reference material that will give me an idea of your vision. I look forward to working with you!

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