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Voodoo Music + Arts Festival


"Voodoo is a musical gumbo that stirs together music, art, cuisine, and community. The experience gets mystical with a re-brand and website that shows the energy, excitement, memories and mystique of Voodoo Music and Arts Fest."

The concept included using a color palette inspired by New Orleans jazz history and hand rendered elements to create a fresh outlook on the Voodoo experience. By incorporating hand rendered elements such as typography and illustrations I was able to capture the raw energy and excitement of the music festival. I focused on streamlining the website to only include essential information to improve the user experience. The line-up page was an integral part of the redesign, and by adding a more in-depth look into the performing artists I allowed users to personalize their own experience with the website. 

Project Analysis

Case Study

Case Study-1.0.jpg
Case Study-2.0.jpg
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